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Download the STEP Report PDF.

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Committed To Win

Through the Leadership Expansion to Advance Democrats (LEAD) Task Force, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) signaled that it is serious about examining shortfalls and correcting course in order to win back Florida. State Democrats are ignited by the challenge and have taken up the call for change. The Strategies and Tactics for Electing Progressives, or STEP Report is offered as a plan for implementing that change.

As we developed this report, one theme became prominent across all of our discussions: We must be committed to the long game. It took years for Democrats to lose so much ground in Florida. It will take time to climb back on top.

The premise of the STEP Report is that we must re-think our philosophy, prioritize our resources, and align our activity around the long game.

Without this perspective, it would be easy to write off some STEP recommendations by saying, “We just don’t have the money, it’s not practical.” On the contrary, the STEP recommendations will better leverage our resources by building capacity for greater fundraising power and a stronger grassroots infrastructure.

The strategies and tactics described in this report are based on:

  • Shifting budget priorities to those which strengthen the ability of the FDP to empower, mobilize, and grow the field.
  • Strategically building a bench of candidates aimed for out-year races as well as current cycles. Mentoring candidates in order to develop their capacity to succeed as candidates and leaders.
  • Refusing to accept midterm dropoff as a given. Capitalizing on this cycle’s populist momentum to sustain future voter engagement.
  • Adapting to an evolving media landscape with a broader, coordinated network of messengers. Making the party bigger and better by cultivating a relationship between the FDP and a field network in order to amplify the Democratic voice across the state.

The Democratic Progressive Caucus welcomes dialogue and collaboration with DECs, Clubs, and Caucuses and the FDP in order to move the STEP recommendations forward. We are committed to win.



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