Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

Supporting Progressive
Politics Across Florida


Building a Progressive Sunshine State

As a charter of the Florida Democratic Party, the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is built on the foundation of the progressive history and values of the Democratic Party. The DPCF works to develop and promote these core Democratic principles with members throughout Florida who work to strengthen the relationship between the progressive community and the Democratic Party.


If ever there were a time to speak out, that time is now. By fighting together, we have the power to lead our state and our country to a better future.


We need progressive voices from all backgrounds to join us in standing up for our values. Join today to advance real, traditional Democratic values: equality and social justice.

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We believe all politics begins at the local level. Our local chapters are the heart of our organization and the best way for progressives to get involved in their own neighborhoods. We encourage you to take action in your own town by joining your local DPCF chapter.